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Welcome to Raytron Instrument Services. We are pleased to introduce ourselves as one of the leading manufacturer and dealer of UPS, Inverter, Inverter batteries, LED and Solar power system .we at Raytron Instruments offers you the finest quality UPS, INVERTER, BATTERIES, LEDS AND SOLAR SYSTEM which will gives you the perfectness and the durability, Our each and every product follows the international standard of quality control process hence we can assures you the best and the finest quality product ever.

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We consider Mother Nature as the most important thing in this world. Without nature, we are nothing. We should take care of Mother Nature as much as we can. There are a lot of things that we can do in order to help out, like using solar panels. Today, global warming is very evident in everyone’s lives. We can use that to help out by using solar panels in order to save energy. By using solar panels, we recycle the energy that the sun is emitting. We are not only helping the nature but we are also helping ourselves by lessening our electric bills. Here at our website, we sell things like solar panels. You can visit some online shopping sites if you are looking for other things that we aren’t selling.


Our company specializes in providing Services for UPS.


Our company specializes in providing Services for Batteries.


Our company specializes in providing Services for Solar.

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